Assisi View and Woods - Exterior

Assisi, View & Woods

Project Details

Location:Assisi (PG)
Gross Building Area:250 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 Year
Price: € 850.000

The Project

What better way to enjoy the typical Umbrian life style than owning a property set within the grounds of a professional 200 ha farm? Being surrounded by vinyards, crops, olives, nature and wildlife will definitely make you forget about life’s daily hustle and bustle.
The farm is situated in an area subject to local regulations that protect nature and even architecture, ensuring the preservation of the simply stunning countryside.

This house has been long since abandoned, is not in great shape and will have to be rebuild. According building codes for this area all original features will have to be maintained so the house will have to be rebuild in a similar fashion with similar details.
From the main road the house can be reached following a private winding gravel road crossing various parts of the farm.

The property is situated at a level part on a hillside with views on one side and woody hills on the other. In the sale 1 ha of land will be included and on request more can be added.

The farm is happy to collaborate and provide owners with services to shape the outdoor space, create a vineyard, vegetable plot or even truffle growing area.

Country House and X Large Stable - Exterior

Country House and XLarge Stable

Project Details

Location:Avigliano Umbro (TR)
Gross Building Area:600 m2
Estimated Building Time:18 Months
Price: € 250.000

The Project

Surrounded by rolling hills, golden fields and with a view of cypresses this property looks to be positioned in the middle of Tuscany. Its location is however in the heart of Umbria and conveniently close to both Tuscany and Rome. The property used to be part of the Corsini property, a famous and ancient local family, and the farm house still features the family’s coat of arms over the original front door.

There are two existing structures, one being a 19th century farmhouse and the second one a very large stable which used to house many cows. The farmhouse is structurally in good condition, meaning the walls can remain in place. Apart from that is would have to be gutted and redone completely, leaving plenty of space for personal preferences and imagination. It is also an option to tear down the house and move it (350 sq m + 100 sq m amplification) slightly uphill to enjoy a somewhat more dominant position. The design can then be adjusted to adept to the new location.
With regard to the stable of 600 sq m, it can either stay in place or be broken down after which 200 sq m can be placed at a higher part of the land, it will have to remain separate from the other structure and can be used as residence. 400 Sq m will be available for agricultural outbuildings.
With 600 sq m to be used as residence there are lots of possibilities for residential and/or commercial use.

Currently the grounds abandoned and not maintained. There is ample space for landscaping including a large size pool, gardens, olive groves, orchards, terraces, parking and any other feature as desired.

The project is situated in the peaceful countryside between Todi (14 km) and Amelia (20 km), at 2 km from the nearest hamlet and 6 km from all necessary amenities.  Perugia has the nearest airport at 65 km distance, Rome with two international airports is only 116 km away.

Assisi Hamlet Olives - Exterior

Assisi, Hamlet & Olives

Project Details

Location:Assisi (PG)
Gross Building Area:250 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 year
Price:€ 850.000

The Project

Just outside a small ancient hamlet this authentic old farmhouse sits between olive grooves and rolling hills within a professional 200 ha farm property featuring vineyards, woodland, fields and wildlife management. The view reaches all the way to Perugia and Bettona and sweeps over the valley below. The farm is situated within a protected area with regulations to protect both wildlife and nature and ensure the preservation of the stunning countryside.

The charming and somewhat sturdy stone house has to undergo a full scale renovation in accordance with the local regulations. Parts that for example will have to be torn down will have to be rebuild exactly similar in order to preserve the authentic features.

The road which currently passes below the property is a private road of the farm and can, if desired, be moved.
The property will be sold including 1 ha of land and upon request more land can be added. The farm gladly collaborates with the buyer and can provide services to create a private vineyard, vegetable plot or even truffle growing areas and take care of all outdoor maintenance as well.

Assisi Vineyard View - Exterior

Assisi, Vineyard & View

Project Details

Location:Assisi (PG)
Gross Building Area:500 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 year
Price:€ 850.000

The Project

Overlooking the valley between Perugia and a nearby medieval hamlet this authentic old farmhouse enjoys a slightly dominant but not isolated position. It sits on a hillside covered with the grapevines of an extensive vineyard within a professional 200 ha farm property featuring also woodland, fields and wildlife management.

The farm is situated in an area which is subject to regulations that serve to protect wildlife, nature and even the local architecture in order to preserve the stunning countryside.

The lovely traditional stone house is in need of a full scale renovation which will have to be executed in accordance with local regulations. Parts that for example will have to be torn down will have to be rebuild exactly similar in order to maintain the original features. The maximum total surface will consist of 500 sq m. The property will be sold including 1 ha of land and upon request more land can be added.

Bettona Hillside Ruin - Exterior

Bettona Hillside Ruin

Project Details

Location:Bettona (PG)
Gross Building Area: m2
Estimated Building Time:1 year
Price in Current Condition:€ 250.000

The Project

In the hills of Bettona, hoovering over the plains between Assisi and Perugia, stands this ruin of an old farmhouse.
Ancient Tower House - Exterior

Ancient Tower House

Project Details

Location:Todi (PG)
Gross Building Area:240 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 year
Price in Current Condition:€ 395.000

The Project

Set in the hills near of central Umbria with a view of Todi this sturdy medieval property enjoys a very convenient location. Only minutes away from the nearest village as well as the E45 highway and at a short distance from Todi everything for daily life is within easy reach. The property consists of two plots, both with an olive groove, one with the main building and an adjacent plot with an annex.

The main building spreads out over 3 floors and is built up around an ancient watch tower with many possibilities for a future owner. The building can be divided to harbor 2 separate apartments or can be used as one residence. It is possible to add on an additional 100 sq m and to construct a pool. The volume of the annex can also be added to the main house or it the outbuilding can be renovated an turned into a separate living unit which might be convenient as guesthouse or for rental purposes.

The building is currently structurally in good condition. The interior has been partly renovated with the right materials like bricks and wooden beams for the ceilings and hand made cotto floors. It will not take much to make this a homey and habitable house!

Lovely Project with Lake View - Exterior

Lovely Project with Lake View

Project Details

Location:Civitella del Lago (TR)
Gross Building Area:165 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 Year
Costs in Current State: Asking € 100.000

The Project

This property is located between Todi and Orvieto near Lago di Corbara. The plot offers a 360 view consisting of forested hillsides, the nearby village, the lake and surrounding countryside. A modest stone house sits hoovering at the edge of a dropdown where part of the olive groove features stone walls.

The current dwelling covers a mere 65 sq m and another 100 can be added on. Looking at the plot and characteristics it would be best to demolish it, recuperate the materials and move the the building to the other side where it will enjoy the view of the lake and village. A pool can be added as well.

For someone looking to build in the countryside but not spend a fortune this is a splendid opportunity!

Ancient Hamlet with Curch - Aerial View

Ancient Hamlet with Church

Project Details

Project:Renovation and construction of country estate
Estimated building time:1.150 m2
Duration:2 Years
Cost in current state:Asking € 490.000


The property is situated in a dominant position in the woodlands that surround Umbertide, near the border between Tuscany and Umbria. The buildings have withstood centuries to make it to this modern era and time has taken its toll. A full scale restoration however can turn it into a very special one of a kind piece of real estate. Because of its characteristics it can serve various purposes. A luxury estate, boutique hotel, apartments for rental or sale, the possibilities are many.

The property started as a community church and became a little village before becoming a monastery. Some parts are beyond saving and will need a complete reconstruction. Other parts may be partially renovated. There are many stunning authentic features and especially the courtyard renders it quite unique. The renderings give an excellent idea of the potential of the buildings.

The position of the hamlet is dominant and offers a 300 degrees view including Lago Trasimeno.

Large Country House - Exterior

Large Country House

Project Details

Location:Marsciano (PG)
Gross Building Area:600 m2
Estimated Building Time:18 Months
Costs in Current State:Asking € 270.000


The sturdy and angular farmhouse is situated in a quiet location in the hills between Todi and Perugia. It is largely built in stone. Noteworthy are the brick corners and arches over doors and windows as is congruent with the local style of a typical “Casa Colonica”. As any old farmhouse it features the traditional lay-out with the former stables on the ground floor and living quarters on the top floor. This first floor can be reached by the outdoor staircase and loggia, as the current situation lacks an internal staircase.

The property needs a full scale renovation which includes structural work as well. Most of the materials can be recuperated. It is possible to move the road, which currently passes next to the building further out thus creating a more private setting. The land is level and allows for landscaping and the construction of a pool.

1600s Palazzo with Garden and Watch Tower - Aerial View

1600’s Palazzo with Garden and Watch Tower

Project Details

Location:San Venanzo (TR)
Gross Building Area:275 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 Year
Costs in Current State:Asking € 285.000

Short Description

A well maintained medieval hamlet is home to this rare property, a 17th century “palazzo” with a wonderful and large garden! The setting is delightful and the potential is obvious. There is plenty of space and the possibility to create either a fantastic home or for example a lovely B&B. Some work needs to be done but it will be quite easy to transform the inside into a warm, welcoming and comfortable home.

The Palazzo

This palace is an old style Italian ‘palazzo’, the word that describes a large family home in an historic center. Though part of an even older hamlet this impressive building dates back to the 17th century. It is set against the huge wall surrounding the hamlet and its front door is located in one of the two quaint little streets. The house spreads out over three floors plus two spacious attics and offers many large spaces. The ground floor harbours old cellars and one separate space where once the post office was located.
Wide stairs lead up to the first floor consisting of the traditional “zona giorno”. The two sitting rooms have traditional ceilings with brick vaults, while the corridor and kitchen features ceiling with wooden beams and bricks.A balcony offers access to the garden.
The second floor consists of four bedrooms and a bathroom. Again part of the ceiling is made with vaults, part with wooden beams and bricks. Another balcony is the best place to enjoy the breathtaking view of the wall and the countryside beyond it.
The house is structurally in good condition but is in need of up-dates and upgrades. For someone willing to invest some money and TLC this house can be turned into an absolutely unique home!

The Land

The palazzo currently does not offer ground floor garden access but that will be easy to create. The garden is simply enchanting as well as extraordinary and currently in use as vegetable garden. With quite a large surface, of about 300 square meters and set within the thick ancient wall surrounding the hamlet it seems a hidden gem. The most captivating detail is without a doubt the tower at the corner. The tower features a beautiful stone archway which give access to the inside where there is a deep well. It is possible to create for example a pool and sundeck as well as other outdoor features.
Outside and behind the wall another strip of land is included. It once harboured a chicken coop and can be used for various other purposes.
The wall itself needs some readjustments on the top part as well as on some side parts. One of the neighbouring properties offers a walkway on top of their part of the wall which gives the possibility enjoy the views from atop the wall.

The Area

The village is located in the hills between Todi and Marsciano. A lovely unspoiled area with gorgeous views, winding roads and lots of vineyards as well as olive groves. There is a little bar which is open during the evening in the summer season and which is a great way to get in touch with all the villagers. The nearest amenities are located about 6 km away.

Note: This property is located well away from areas damages by earthquakes.