Project Details

Location:Todi (PG)
Gross Building Area:350 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 Year
Costs in Current State: € 250.000
Expected Costs to Finish:€ 250.000-500.000

What’s up?

Welcome to our project in process in Spello, in Umbria of course! This soon to be gorgeous property consists of a mix and match of ancient, old and more recent parts. It has been purchased by the current owners in 2017 and they wish to create a warm and inviting family home. We will take off the roof, gut most of the building, rebuild various part and do our absolutely utmost best to help them realise their dream. A special logistical challenge for us is the location within the walls of the historic center.

On this page, dedicated exclusively to the Villa delle Chitarre project you will find up-dates, pictures, explanations, video blogs, all meant to give you an inside view of the how a project like this works out in reality. You can of course also follow us and our work on youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram. Are you interested in doing a project with us? Simply contact us and we’ll make it all happen! Dreams not realised remain only dreams…

Job Description

The perfect solution for any buyer who want to enjoy a cappuccino or drink at the nearby village bar but enjoy countryside living at the same time. This house sits just outside quaint medieval village just above the stunning Tiber valley between Todi and Orvieto.

The house needs a full scale renovation, with some structural interventions as well. The perfect situation to customise and personalise this property. The available outbuildings can be either renovated, transformed or demolished.

The grounds cover almost 3 ha and consist of gently sloping olive groves with fantastic views. This is a rare find, do not hesitate if this property offers the key features you have been looking for!

Case History

We’re getting started on a super interesting project in Spello! As it’s very cold we’ll just show you some of the logistics and the building from the outside.

Our first look on the inside, Caroline will guide you through the spaces with candles and dust and we will meet the workers digging around in the cantina area of the house.

It’s not always easy getting in to even our own renovation site! But when we get in we can chat with some of the guys, explain what we will do with the roof and enjoy lot of noice.

The roof beams are awaiting the bricks, the top floor bedrooms take shape, the staircase has gone, and the vault from the cantina is now visible from….above! Lot’s of things are going on…