Project Details

Location:Avigliano Umbro (TR)
Gross Building Area:600 m2
Estimated Building Time:18 Months
Price: € 250.000

The Project

Surrounded by rolling hills, golden fields and with a view of cypresses this property looks to be positioned in the middle of Tuscany. Its location is however in the heart of Umbria and conveniently close to both Tuscany and Rome. The property used to be part of the Corsini property, a famous and ancient local family, and the farm house still features the family’s coat of arms over the original front door.

There are two existing structures, one being a 19th century farmhouse and the second one a very large stable which used to house many cows. The farmhouse is structurally in good condition, meaning the walls can remain in place. Apart from that is would have to be gutted and redone completely, leaving plenty of space for personal preferences and imagination. It is also an option to tear down the house and move it (350 sq m + 100 sq m amplification) slightly uphill to enjoy a somewhat more dominant position. The design can then be adjusted to adept to the new location.
With regard to the stable of 600 sq m, it can either stay in place or be broken down after which 200 sq m can be placed at a higher part of the land, it will have to remain separate from the other structure and can be used as residence. 400 Sq m will be available for agricultural outbuildings.
With 600 sq m to be used as residence there are lots of possibilities for residential and/or commercial use.

Currently the grounds abandoned and not maintained. There is ample space for landscaping including a large size pool, gardens, olive groves, orchards, terraces, parking and any other feature as desired.

The project is situated in the peaceful countryside between Todi (14 km) and Amelia (20 km), at 2 km from the nearest hamlet and 6 km from all necessary amenities.  Perugia has the nearest airport at 65 km distance, Rome with two international airports is only 116 km away.