Project Details

Project:Hospitality Business
Gross Building Area:550 m2
Duration:18 Months
Period:2011 - 2014

Job Description

This large farm property with private residence near Montone featured just a sad ruin but now consists of a spacious main house, a large guesthouse as well as a fully equiped winehouse. All set within beautiful grounds.
Below a brief overview:

Main Building

Conservation facade of the building
Demolition of existing building
Conservation of building materials
Restoration of ancient well
Construction of underground wine cellar and basement
Reconstruction of main building
Realisation of 8 guest rooms with en-suite bathroom
Realisation of industrial kitchen
Realisation of bar and restaurant area
Construction of (floor) heating system with solar panels and heat pump


Conservation 3 outside walls
Demolition building
Reconstruction with both stainless steel and conctrete structures
Realisation of 4 guest rooms with en-suite bathroom
Realisation of meeting and office space


Construction of driveway and parking
Space for technical installations
Rebuild wall lining the stream
Placing of cesspool
Trenches for electricity and water
Landscaping and dry walls