Project Details

Location:Marsciano (PG)
Gross Building Area:600 m2
Estimated Building Time:18 Months
Costs in Current State:Asking € 270.000


The sturdy and angular farmhouse is situated in a quiet location in the hills between Todi and Perugia. It is largely built in stone. Noteworthy are the brick corners and arches over doors and windows as is congruent with the local style of a typical “Casa Colonica”. As any old farmhouse it features the traditional lay-out with the former stables on the ground floor and living quarters on the top floor. This first floor can be reached by the outdoor staircase and loggia, as the current situation lacks an internal staircase.

The property needs a full scale renovation which includes structural work as well. Most of the materials can be recuperated. It is possible to move the road, which currently passes next to the building further out thus creating a more private setting. The land is level and allows for landscaping and the construction of a pool.