Project Details

Location:Bettona (PG)
Gross Building Area:170 sqm2
Estimated Building Time:1 year
Price:€ -50.000

The Project

We would definitely use ‘curious’ as keyword for this ancient property. Followed by ‘special’ and ‘interesting’! And certainly full of potential for its future use. With a location just off the main square there are plenty of possibilities to consider! Let’s check out the main features:
the 3 very large spaces leave room for many ideas regarding the layout
the 6m high ceilings offer great potential for a second floor or mezzanines
there are beautiful original features to preserve and incorporate in the project
the atmosphere both inside and out is amazing
Bettona is a lovely small community

The building
A tall arch along the little main road gives access to a small alleyway. To the left a staircase leads to an set of old wooden doors that are carved around the decorated stone doorframe. They open up to a large open space which centuries ago was the stage of a private theater. Unfortunately there are not many details known about its origins or lifetime.

The plaster on the walls still shows old decorations, closed-up openings and marks left by long since removed staircases. The roof has still one of the original trusses but needs to be replaced. Both this space and the one next to it face the main street. The second space gives access to a third room at the back of the building. Once opened up the windows will show a distant view of the famous town Assisi.

The floors throughout the are of very old cotto, mostly to be recuperated. The current owners filed a project with a great many windows and skylights which was approved but should be renewed. Currently scaffolding and props have been placed in the theater stage space to prevent further deterioration.

The work
For any of the renovation work we have our crews readily available. For any information on this part you can contact us directly.

The surroundings
Bettona lies in a dominant position on the hills in central Umbria. It is both very pretty and pleasant as is the ride up to the center. A winding road cuts through olive groves and boasts wonderful views around every corner. The city has Etruscan origins, the only one on the eastern bank of the Tiber. During Roman and medieval times as well as more recent eras it has known a troubled past of wars and destruction. Eventually the town was rebuilt in its current form. The little core harbours a few restaurants, bars and shops.