Want to Buy a Project?

Not a problem!
As our group consists of all the necessary professionals to guide you through the sometimes challenging Italian maze of burocracy and regulations and we obviously have our in-house real estate specialist! Caroline van Agteren is a skilled, knowledgable and experienced guide who knows how to motivate, when to be realistic and how to think outside of any possible box! With an international background and educated as a lawyer she will take excellent care of any buyer.

Though nice and attractive farmhouses to restore are getting harder to find each day we can still offer you various very interesting options at wonderful locations.

PS: Please note it takes time for us to add all the properties to our website. We have about another 30 to process so if you don’t see what you like simply contact us, we may have the right one right here on our desk!

Buying Property in Umbria

Many stories on the internet will tell you all about the horrors people buying property in Italy encountered. Crappy paperwork, shady notaries, corrupt lawyers, incapable brokers, money disappearing, bureaucracy taking endless time, the worst of the worst.

Indeed we are the last to tell you buying a property is always simple, clean and fast. Indeed some things here work differently than in other countries and the main problem is foreign buyers not knowing what to be aware of. Trusting the first seemingly capable person and getting off the wrong foot.

To be able to offer our clients an A-Z service, from finding a property to buying and renovating or building we have our own capable and trustworthy people. So we can give you for example a quote before you buy a property which you can count on to be true. So you don’t have to worry about the procedures and your investment. So you can relax knowing everything will be taken care of.

For more information simply click here, to find out about Buying property in Umbria.