Electricity and Lighting

Together his crew of electricians Fabrizio Pierelli will be happy to take care of all your electrical circuits and systems. It’s only normal they work with the best and most up to date brands and materials, as do all other members of our group.

Apart from all traditional features home automation is part of their daily routine.  A smart home is not something of the future anymore, it the new standard! We can easily implement various types of smart solutions to render your home fully or partially remote controlled. For heating, lighting, music, security and surveillance, devices, appliances and any other additional options. Read more about smart homes as it’s the most important development in the renovation and construction world at this moment.

Of course Fabrizio & co can help you with green energy as well. Calculating and Installing solar systems that supply your company or home with green energy, which you can also sell back to the grid, are considered an easy task. Obviously the energy production can be monitored long distance as well.

Elettrosistemi Pierelli Fabrizio
Via degli Olivi – 06081 Palazzo di Assisi (PG)
+ 39 329 244 7985
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All certificates required by law for electrical circuits and systems
Renovation of old systems
Installation of new systems
Indoor and outdoor systems
Solar panels
Data traffic, tv & internet
Lighting plans
Custom made features
After sales services