Project Details

Location:Civitella del Lago (TR)
Gross Building Area:165 m2
Estimated Building Time:1 Year
Costs in Current State: Asking € 100.000

The Project

This property is located between Todi and Orvieto near Lago di Corbara. The plot offers a 360 view consisting of forested hillsides, the nearby village, the lake and surrounding countryside. A modest stone house sits hoovering at the edge of a dropdown where part of the olive groove features stone walls.

The current dwelling covers a mere 65 sq m and another 100 can be added on. Looking at the plot and characteristics it would be best to demolish it, recuperate the materials and move the the building to the other side where it will enjoy the view of the lake and village. A pool can be added as well.

For someone looking to build in the countryside but not spend a fortune this is a splendid opportunity!