Project Details

Project:Renovating an Ancient Watermill
Gross Building Area:165 m2
Duration:1 Year
Period:2013 - 2014
RemarksHistoric Landmark

Job Description

This ancient former mill was in need of a complete overhaul inside and out as well as some structural work. New electricity and water plants, heating system and a run down stable was rebuilt.
Below a brief overview:


  • Rebuild kitchen area, foundation, floor, walls, roof
  • Change all doors and windows
  • Sanding dining area walls
  • Plaster dining area ceiling
  • Waterproof dining and kitchen area walls
  • Add a window in the facade
  • Remove old fireplace and build new fireplace
  • Removal bearing wall between dining and kitchen
  • Adding internal staircase
  • Ground floor floor heating and pavement
  • Rebuild external staircase Renovate existing bathroom
  • Removal dividing wall bedrooms
  • Create additional bathroom
  • Add heating system consisting of heat pump and solar panels


Demolition remains stable
Preservation underground milling space
Reconstruction stable as studio or guest quarters


Rebuild wall lining the stream
Placing of cesspool
Trenches for electricity and water
Landscaping and dry walls
New concrete bridge
Water drainage works
Pumps and logistics for water supply
Terrace with fireplace
Terrace along the stream