Project Details

Location:Marsciano (PG)
Gross Building Area:1080 m2
Estimated Building Time:1,5 year
Price:€ -

The Project

It’s not easy to find a property to develop or share with just the right original buildings and set up. But we did it and in a delightful area as well! And so we now offer for sale a superb old farm with multiple buildings to renovate. Obviously one can restore for example just one or two units, and either leave or demolish the others. This is  a delightful opportunity for a buyer looking to:

  • renovate and personalise in every possible way

  • buy with friends and develop for each their own home

  • create a retreat for yoga, mediation or education facility

  • start a countryside hospitality business

  • enjoy a strategic and delightful location

  • make use of very interesting renovation subsidies

The buildings

This property consists of various stone buildings all located as a group with only short distances between them. They are located at the lower part of the land with easy access from the dead end gravel road.

The casa padronale, or main house, which was always the most important building. It is easy to recognise by its square shape and decorational strips of bricks on the outside. The ground floor still features very nice arches. In one of the top floor rooms remnants of a fireplace are visible. They used to harbour the living quarters of the farm owner. As the building is in bad condition it is not possible to enter. The roof has collapsed as well as the outside staircase and it needs a full renovation.

A casale, and farmhouse which on the ground floor harboured stables and on the top floor homes for the workers. In this case, as with almost every building of this type, it is possible to distinguish the central part which was the oldest. An external staircase, stable and second house were added on when the initial home became too small. A traditional woodover is situated beneath the  original staircase with loggia at the backside. . This building is in a similar state and requires a full renovation as well.

The third building is square and 3 floors tall.  It has an unusual ground floor with a double arch and in the between them a very nice column. Most likely also this space used to harbour livestock. The first floor was habitable space whereas the second floor was either a home or storage space. This building is structurally in a better shape but obviously still needs a full overhaul.


Behind the casale are the leftovers of a stable which over time has collapsed. It is possible to recuperate and reuse this volume. Next to the casa padronale a very large stable features a roof of more recent date. Structurally this building is in good condition. Again next to this stable sits a small ruin of which the purpose is not entirely clear.

The land

5 Ha of gently sloping hills are included in the property. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from anywhere. The land is divided between arable, meadow and woods. An big old stone well is situated at a higher part of the land.


The property is situated on the hills next to Monte Subasio at 2 km from the little Hamlet of Armenzano.  It is one of the 8 villages located within the Regional Park of Monte Subasio . This area is well know for it’s excellent hiking and biking trails as well as the spectacular flora and fauna and particular energy fields. Famous Assisi’s is only  11 km away. It has attracted pelgrimages for centuries and received on average 2 million visitors every year.   Many other fascinating cities are nearby. The bustling student town Perugia, host of the Umbria Jazz Festival lies at 36 km distance.  The international airport is even closer at 26 km.  Also close are  picturesque Spello 23 km, lovely Trevi 32  km and Spoleto 47 km renowned for the International Music Festival. Vineyards are present in abundance in the Bevagna and Montefalco area.

Should you require additional information then please do not hesitate, we are here to help you out any way we can.


Caroline & Stefano