Our Expertise

Building in Umbria almost always includes to some extent the use of traditional materials like stone and wooden beams as well as traditional design, whether for the structural parts, interior or details. Being from Umbria we were all born and bred with these traditions ingrained in our DNA. As we are innovative and up for a challenge as well we offer our clients the great possibility of being able to combine old and new, traditions and contemporary design and materials, thus creating a stunning tailor made result.

Private Homes

A man’s home is his castle’ and that is the way we feel it should be. We will arrange for our clients to have their dream come true, within the predetermined budget, time frame, design requests and other objectives. From sketch to living all in one hand, by one group, with one contact. A country estate, watermill, apartment, medieval tower or any other home, to us they are and will be your castle.

Interior Design

Finding the perfect lay-out for your home, the right features to realize you dream, lighting to enhance those features, the right details, materials and just that touch of Umbria to make it blend in. The choices can be overwhelming and sometimes it is hard to fully comprehend the consequences of a choice when it is still only on paper. Our experience has taught us all we need to know to guide you along the way, we are here to make it all happen!

Cultural Heritage

Our experience is not limited to houses or hospitality. With one of Assisi’s proud churches on our list we can state that the experience of renovating a cultural heritage site has raised our awareness of possibilities as well as our skills and creativity to yet again another level. We apply all of our different experiences to create the one that is perfect for you, no matter what we have to begin with!

Hospitality Structures

As Umbria is getting more attention and getting stronger as a brand the demand for up-to-date hospitality businesses increases, whether B&B’s, bars, restaurants or boutique hotels. The current tourists asks for modern features and sleek design, comfort and high tech, but all with an Umbrian touch. Exactly what we know how to do and we will do it well!

Pool & Outdoors

Adding the right pool to your property and shaping the setting to enhance both the pool and the structure does not only increase the overal picture from an aesthetic point of view but also from a financial point of view. The right investments will ensure you will enjoy your property to the max as well as the right return on investment in a future sale.

Eco Technology

As the future seems to get closer every day so do techniques that years ago were only a far off dream. New systems of heating and cooling, solar panel, photo-voltaic panels that are “grid tied”, heat pumps with remote control, you name it and we will take care of it. working together to save you energy and add comfort to your home or business.

Turn Key Delivery

Turn key means exactly that, all you will have to do is to turn the key, open your door, walk in and start living or begin your business. Our group is organized in the right way to take care of all aspects involved with building or renovating and you can trust us to do exactly so, without any worries for our clients. After which we will simply hand you the key to your brand new house, welcome home!

Client Oriented

Our work is to execute the wishes of our clients. We are here to listen to our clients. We listen to understand and not just to reply. We need to understand our clients in order to be able to give sound advice they often seek. We work not just for but together with our clients. To make sure all objectives set will be met, accurately in every possible way.

After Sales

As for most clients a new project is a new start we are very well aware that their need of trusted partner may continue also after the project is completed. That they may need assistance or maintenance, or over time would like to add, change or even do a new project. One of our strengths is to be able to offer just that. We will be here for our clients, always.